We take care of your camera system
while you focus on growing your business

100% Helpful Tech Support

99% Uptime of Security Cameras

You Stay 100% Worry Free

You Deserve to Rely on Your Surveillance System As An Important Tool to Improve Your Business

But There’s a Problem…

What do you do when you have an issue?

How does your equipment get serviced?

Who do you call when you have a problem?

Did you get call the features you were promised?

After all, what good is a camera system if it’s not working?

Go ahead relax and focus on your business. We got you covered on your surveillance system!

Customized Surveillance System

We customize the camera system to fit your business needs and we go a step further, and provide best methods to position the cameras so that they provide you With the most meaningful video.

Always Available To Service

Unlike other companies, We dont disappear. We are here to serve you for the years to come.

Lifetime Warranty

We believe in our product and we stand right by it, our lifetime warranty provides full coverage protection on all OVISS Systems with Oviss Care.

Incident Video Recordings Done For You

We believe in our product and we stand right by it, our lifetime warranty provides full coverage protection on all OVISS Systems with Oviss Care.

Did You Know?

Most business owners don’t know if their security cameras are working or recording. At we provide a fully managed commercial security camera systems with 99% Uptime. To keep you 100% worry Free. Knowing your surveillance system is 100% problem free. Watch the 1 minute video to learn how we do it.

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Trusted by Thousands of Business Owners Since 2004

Let’s Start you on a worry free path! Here’s our plan to Success

Let’s Build Your System

We’ll guide you through a step by step process to design a security camera system just for your business. Including type of cameras, type of lens, camera resolution, and location of where each camera should be installed to achieve optimal coverage.

Program, Test and Ship

We will program your entire system and cameras, test everything to ensure its programming is perfect and free ground shipping to you. So when the system arrives to your business, it’s simply plug and play. Plus we add a second layer of testing to ensure all cameras, NVR and POE components are working when they arrive.

Schedule an Installation

You have Options either hire a local electrician, low voltage technician or Hire an OVISS Certified Contractor Tech to do your installation. Whichever method you choose, we are going to help plan the entire installation process with you to ensure a smooth completion.

Viola! Enjoy Being Worry Free

We will set-up your mobile app, provide you training, and ensure all cameras are positioned correctly. You will be happy to know your surveillance system’s health is monitored by our support team. So if anything fails, we’ll be alerted! Now you can be 100% worry free!


People Love Us

90 DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Remember, we offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with your surveillance system. Simply box it all back up in its original boxes and packaging and ship it back to us. We know this will not be needed, but we offer it anyway, so you have peace of mind.

Types of Business Provides Customized Security Camera Systems, Not Just Off-the Shelf Products

Yes! We make our surveillance system solutions affordable for everyone with our customized surveillance system packages. We understand each business is different. Which is why we don’t sell you off the shelf security cameras. We guide you in building a a customized surveillance system, designed for your business. Our years of knowledge and expertise helps us build you a perfect security camera solution. So the security camera system you install will serve as an important tool for your business. And, that’s not all! We don’t just sell you a security camera system and disappear (unlike other companies), we are there to support you when needed, and manage the security camera system for the years to come. It’s no wonder thousands of businesses trust OVISS when it comes to their security cameras.

We Guarantee You Will Wish Why Didn’t I Meet You Guys Before!

Learn: Why Your Business Must Have Managed Security Cameras.

The 5 Problems will shock you! In this guide, We provide a solution to each problem. Along with Next Steps you can take to resolve the problems.