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3 Things Your Competition is Doing to Steal Your Customers

Gain a competitive advantage

Become a go-to Oviss integrator

Grow your successful security integration business

You should not be losing your customers to your competition.

The Problem…


We help you avoid the headaches

An OVISS Certified Dealer Partnership Sets You Apart

Gain an Unfair Competitive Advantage

The Oviss certified dealer program helps you stand out in a competitive market of security installers and system integrators. You’ll spend more time doing the work you actually enjoy for your clients. Equipped with Oviss Cloud Alerts and managed systems approach you can guarantee your customers their security cameras system will be always working. You become the reliable choice for your customers.

Get Training & Ongoing Support

The Oviss Certified dealer program helps your security installation company grow, fast. Becoming an certified dealer ensures you’ll deliver a perfectly installed security camera system that your clients will love. Backed by on-going tech support from OVISS. You become the star for your customers.

Grow your Business

Scale your installation jobs into a reputable business that earns repeat referrals from happy customers. While providing a service that sets you apart from your competition. Partnering with Oviss will increase your value in the marketplace. You will become the Trusted Partner of your Customers.


worry as former


we get it!

We’ll help you


How to Become an Certified Dealer

Apply Now to Become a Dealer

Simply fill out the application, talk to an Oviss Rep to discuss the program to make sure it’s fit for both of us.

Get Certified Training

Learn about’s certified installation methods, best practicers, softwares, survey tools, and sales material to impress your customer and close the deal. We will also teach you about our Oviss Cloud Alert platform which alerts us if there is ever an issue with any of the surveillance systems installed by you. So you can offer your customers 99% Uptime Guarantee

Success! It’s Time to Scale Your Business

We will guide you step by step from helping you close your first deal to selecting the required security cameras and completing the installation. We will train and support your customers so you can focus on getting more business. If a customer requires an on-site visit we will inform you to schedule a site visit.You will also start to earn qualified leards from us.

Trusted by Thousands of Business
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What Clients Says?

Are you ready to take your security company to the NEXT LEVEL?

At Oviss we know that you want to be a trusted and reliable security company. In order to do that, you need to invest in finding the best security cameras, developing marketing material and training a customer support team. The problem is all this requires lots of testing, research, and it can be a very expensive mistake if not done right. Which makes you feel stuck and frustrated. We believe there is a better way.

We understand the process to find the best security hardware, developing marketing materials and training a tech support team can be time consuming, expensive and stressful. Which is why when you become an Oviss certified dealer, we provide you with tested and proven commercial security camera systems, ready-to-go marketing material, and a full back end tech support team to help you position yourself as a trusted and reliable company.

You will be happy to know our dealer program has helped hundreds of other installers just like you grow their business!

Here’s how we do it:
1. Apply to Become a Dealer
2. Get Certified Training
3. Start Planning Your Next Projects with Oviss

So, APPLY NOW. and in the meantime, download our guide “3 things your competition is doing to steal your customers“. So you can stop making expensive mistakes, wasting time and avoid headaches. And instead become a trusted and reliable security Installation company. That earns higher profits, has happier customers, and gets qualified leads from Oviss to help you Grow your business.

Gain the Unfair Advantage against your competition.

Join the Oviss Certified Dealer Program!

What You Get When you Become an Oviss Certified Dealer

Tested Marketing Material

Marketing that helps you win more business, close more deals. So you don’t have to do the trial and error.

Proven Sales Techniques

Go in with confidence and close deals faster. Your competition won’t stand a chance.

Email Sales Funnels

Automatic sales follow up email campaigns to educate your prospects and help you win the deal

Lifetime Warranty*

Really! It’s true. Your competition can’t beat this. Your customers will love this!

Sales Support

Whether a conference call or an online demo we will help you win your deals and help your leads overcome any objections. Call us your personal back up!

Full-on Tech Support

Not just for you, for your customers too. That’s right! We will answer their calls, help with issues, back up their recordings on-demand, keep them happy. So you can look good. #WeAreInThisTogether

Qualified Leads

Customers that are ready to install in your area qualified by OVISS. All you have to do is perform a site survey and seal the deal. What more can you ask for? 

Software Tools

Impress your customers and close more deals using our suite of software tools that help you STAND OUT! 

Managed Security Camera Systems

Didn’t we say STAND OUT! All of our surveillance systems come equipped with Oviss Cloud Alert Platform. Your competition won’t even come close. Offer your customers a solution not just a product.

Higher Profits

Unlike others, Our hardware prices are protected.  Your customers won’t find a lower prices online for our model numbers. Do I hear a family vacation?

A Team of Experts

Your personal back up team that makes you look good every time. Advanced RMAs to Programming, Testing and Shipping hardware to 90 Days Money Back Guarantee. We are here for to make you a Super Star! 

And Much More…

When it comes to Standing Out and beating the competition, we are with you. We love to be innovative and build “things” that are different, that help us as a team offer “more” to customers. Let’s “WIN” together!

NOTE: We are only onboarding a limited number of security installation companies in each area to avoid competition for our partners. So hurry and apply now!

How does Oviss Work: When you get your orders.

We will help you build the perfect system for your customer

Helping you select the right cameras, and lens, for each camera positions.

We program test and ship

Once your order is confirmed. We will Programs, Test and Ship all of the equipment to you or your customer. So when you install its simply plug and play.

We help you train your clients

After you have completed the installation, we will help you aim and adjust all cameras, put them in a sequence your customer likes, and set-up training with your customer and their staff. We will show them how to use the mobile app and operate the system.

We provide on-going tech support and answer calls

If your customer has any issues, questions or they just forgot their password. They call us for all tech support issues. So you dont have to worry about missing a call while on a job.

Join the Oviss Brand and gain access to all services Oviss provides to increase your revenue streams.

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