Managed commercial security cameras system

Business Security Cameras: Your security cameras have problems, I bet you don’t even know!

In this article, we will surprise you! How worry-free you will be with a managed security camera system.

Managed Security Cameras: Is that a thing? Find out why it’s so crucial for your business.

We will go in detail in to explain the difference between an un-managed security camera system and a managed security camera system. In this article, I will also provide you a link to a one minute you-tube video that provides an over view of the two difference so that you can quickly refer to it.

A quick heads up! I will interchangeably use the words: CCTV, Security Camera, and Surveillance System – they are all related terms meaning the same thing. 

Let’s face it! You’re a business owner and not a security camera technician.

We know you already wear many hats in your business to operate and manage the business efficiently. The truth is, becoming a security camera technician isn’t really a part of your dreams. The goal is to grow your business. Isn’t that why you got started to begin with? If you focused on growing your business. It will allow you to spend more time with your family, take more time off, go on vacations, and offer you financial freedom. Let me ask again, why is becoming a security camera technician for “your own business” on your list to achieve? (Trust me, it’s not worth it!)

Let us help you solve that. Here, we will teach you the importance of having a managed surveillance system that is always working. We will talk about the potential issues you’re exposing your business to by not having a managed security camera system. GET READY TO BE SURPRISED!

Alright, Let’s dig right in!

The problems with un-managed CCTV Systems

The benefits of installing a CCTV system in your business are unquestionable. But when it comes to choosing which CCTV cameras to install, many business owners don’t realize they need a managed security cameras system until it’s too late. What if an incident happened and their security cameras were not working or recording. At that point, having an un-managed CCTV system was as good as not even having one.

When first thinking about installing a surveillance system, you have a few options:
1. Visit your local electronics store; such as Best Buy, Costco, Fry’s Electronics
2. Search online for the best deals on Amazon or other online retailers.
3. Hire your local low voltage tech or electrician

to purchase and install several cameras and place them in strategic locations around your business. This may not necessarily be the most cost-effective solution over the long run. Certainly not the most secure or the best option for your business, and it provides that FALSE sense of security. After all, what good is a security camera system if it’s not working when you need it?

A business owner not a security technician

If you are a business owner, it is highly unlikely that you are also trained as a security technician. This means you do not have the time nor the expertise to install an entire security camera system around your business. This also means that you will not have the knowledge or understanding of;
Which cameras to select,
Which lenses to select wide view or narrow view,
What the best settings will be; such as continuous recording, motion recording,
What frames per seconds should be,
How to correctly format your hard drives to record,
And the programming needed to view them on your mobile app.

Do you know if your security camera system is still working? how about now? and now?

Another common problem when installing an un-managed CCTV system is the lack of signs as to whether the surveillance system is operating as it should be. Not knowing whether it is powered on, or if it is correctly recording at all times, can become a significant problem. Regular maintenance and checking can help to negate this problem. Still, in the hustle and bustle of your daily workload, it is easy to forget to do this.

Even if you do purchase a more expensive security camera system, typically, most CCTV equipment only comes with a limited user guide. If you were provided with full training over time, you would forget all of the features. And it’s still an un-managed security cameras system.

A large proportion of business owners also find it difficult to back up their recordings of any incidents that might occur. Meaning they are unable to provide law enforcement or insurance companies with the required footage. This is a serious problem and defeats the purpose of actually having CCTV installed in the property.

A lack of customer support is another major complaint from many business owners when it comes to installed security cameras. When something goes wrong, they have to then spend a long time on the phone trying to solve it – or have to wait even longer for someone to visit their premises and fix the problem.


So what really is a managed commercial surveillance system?

A managed commercial surveillance system ensures that it is always working, recording. If issues happen, there’s a whole support team that gets alerted when things go wrong. Now, they can make sure your security cameras are always working and problem-free. So you can focus on growing your business.

Confused? Don’t worry, just hang tight! Throughout this article, I will explain everything in detail.

But that is not the case. Did you know? Most business owners don’t know when their cameras stop working?

Why is this a big problem, you ask? If my security cameras stop working, I can just check it the next day and fix it. Sure, maybe. Maybe you’re one of the few that actually knows your surveillance system as much as a surveillance technician would know. But the vast majority of the business owners don’t. So they won’t know if their security camera system failed. They don’t run a health check on their surveillance system every day. They don’t have any procedures and processes in place that guide them or their employees on:
1. What to check
2. What to do if the security cameras are not working
3. What to do if security cameras are not recording
4. What to do if the surveillance systems hard drives have failed 
the list goes on and on and on. I’m sure you get my point.

Many things can go wrong with your security cameras from failing a single camera, not showing the video to the whole surveillance system being down.

The Just In Case Insurance Policy

Your business is your pride and joy, and it is only right that you want to protect it. Many business owners get a security camera system installed, and it provides them a FALSE sense of security. Whether they paid $500 or $50,000 for their surveillance system. If it doesn’t come with a managed services approach and an uptime guarantee, it’s just a waste of money. Because something within your cctv system can fail at any time, and you will most likely not know until it’s too late.

I can already hear some of you going; you’re wrong! I got this sophisticated system from a professional security company, and my surveillance system has been working just fine.

Your surveillance system might be working without problems right now. Still, we have all heard many horror stories where some incidents happened. The business owner was stressed and frustrated because their security camera system was not recording. They just checked it a week ago it was working fine. So my question is, can you really afford to be just counting on luck and hope that it always stays working? Do you really want to jeopardize your business and risk your livelihood in case something serious happens?

Don’t we all get insurance to protect us in the “just in case” because losing your business is too important, then a premium to pay for that insurance? YES! Because it provides us peace of mind and a sense of safety and security. So why wouldn’t you want your security system to be your insurance policy in protecting your business? With that being said having a managed surveillance system is like having an insurance policy for your business. The managed service provider is notified and alerted of any issues. It’s their job to ensure your security camera system is always working.

Now, The Solution to those problems:’s Managed Security Camera Systems

Although these are very common problems for business owners with security camera systems. Here at Oviss CCTV, we believe business owners deserve a security camera system that is reliable. This is why we created a truly unique option that gives business owners peace of mind and ensures their security camera system is always working with 99% uptime.

All of our surveillance systems are fully programmed and tested by our highly experienced team before we ship them to our customers. Using our years of knowledge to develop a personalized configuration that has been programmed just for your business. For added peace of mind, once the cameras have been installed, our support team will then verify the settings of each camera. To ensure that it is configured to your exact needs. And we go a step further to ensure that each camera is viewing an optimal viewing angle.

To reduce the vulnerability of hard drive crashes and to cause the system to stop recording when a hard drive fails. All Oviss CCTV NVRs come with a minimum of two hard drives – meaning that if one should fail, the second one will still be recording.

We also have a unique Oviss Cloud Alert System, which continuously monitors the health of your system and will alert Oviss support within a matter of minutes about the issue. Our Tech Support team will work to resolve the problems ensuring your security camera system is always working.

Should your system completely shut down, or a network failure occurs, or some cameras stop working? Our team will be notified in minutes, and they will be able to get your surveillance system up and running. Again ensuring your security camera system has an uptime of 99% of the time.

Our managed approach allows you to be worry-free at all times, knowing that there is a team of professionals that are looking after your surveillance system. Should an issue arise, it will not go undetected. You will have peace of mind that your investment in a security camera system is actually protecting your business.

But that’s not all…

To ensure that you will always know how to operate your system, we provide on-going support and training for all of your authorized staff.

Our experienced tech support team can also quickly change passwords and remove any employee’s access. So that you can maintain complete control as employees are terminated from the business.

We know backing up recordings of an incident is a significant issue from your security camera system. That is why we have made it really simple for you to request any video incident from your security camera system within minutes. The best part you don’t even have to be at your business. Simply submit a “surveillance video request” on with the details of the recording. Oviss support team will backup and email you with requested footage so you can store your footage for years to come or send it to the authorities.

So stop trying to manage your security cameras on your own and wasting your time and money on cheap non-commercial cameras.

I hope that you have now been well educated on the “managed commercial security camera systems.” Now you have the knowledge to make an informed decision if a managed security camera system should be implemented at your business. Remember, the goal is to grow your business, not become a security camera technician. So you can actually do what matters the most: manage your business, focus on making it grow, and take those vacations with your family.

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