Can My Home’s CCTV Camera System Help in Reducing Crime?

Your home is one of your most significant assets, and you’d want to do everything in your power to protect it from crime. For this reason, it’s always best to invest in a reliable CCTV camera system. 

These devices can provide homeowners peace of mind knowing that their house is safe against unwanted visitors. They can also provide evidence of a crime or accident and monitor children playing outside. 

However, at some point, you may have questioned your CCTV camera system’s effectiveness if the crime rates in your area don’t improve. This article will answer your question about this part of your security and provide more ways to protect your home. 

Are They Effective in Preventing Crime? 

Wireless security cameras and PoE IP cameras are highly effective in preventing burglaries and thefts, and these devices can reduce burglary rates by 300% compared to properties without surveillance cameras. Security footage can also provide the police with damning evidence to identify the thieves. 

Why Do Homes with CCTV Camera Systems Still Suffer from Theft?

Sometimes, others are unaware that the CCTV camera systems are recording their actions. However, at other times, some criminals are still willing to take their chances and try their luck while disregarding the consequences. While the surveillance cameras frequently capture their actions, they’re still willing to risk everything and hope that the homeowner and local authorities will not identify them. 

Why Didn’t My Camera Work During a Burglary?

Sometimes, your CCTV camera system doesn’t work, not because you didn’t buy it from a reputable provider, but because of improper installation. Remember that you can only get an effective security system by properly setting up the surveillance cameras. 

You can maximize the effectiveness by checking if you’ve enabled push notifications, set up motion detection recording, adjusted the detecting sensitivity, and covered all home entrances. That way, you can monitor your property for suspicious activity and capture criminal behavior on camera. 

Can Security Signs Help Deter Crime? 

Thieves are going to avoid a house with maximum and apparent protection. Instead, they’ll find another street to target and quickly identify all easy targets. A study by the University of North Carolina’s Criminal Justice and Criminology Department revealed that 25% of criminals would avoid a home with security signs without further investigation. 

What Are Additional Ways to Deter Burglars?

Besides installing CCTV camera systems, you can also deter unwanted visitors by indicating that cameras are operating around the clock. Moreover, you can display a sign warning of frequent security patrols or the presence of guard dogs, even if your home doesn’t have any. The sound of barking dogs is usually enough to make intruders think twice about breaking into your property. 

Additionally, when putting up warning signs on your property, you must indicate the name of the security company you use because you can only obtain it if you have an account. Never use signage with fake company names because criminals can quickly determine that the company doesn’t exist. If you don’t have an existing security system, you can use generic signs to show that your home has an alarm.

Proof That CCTV Camera Systems Are Effective

A local television station in Oregon interviewed 86 inmates and found that security alarms and cameras deter burglary. A comprehensive look at multiple studies and a survey of 422 burglars across three states support this. Most burglars consider outdoor cameras and other surveillance equipment to help determine which homes to burgle.

Safeguarding Your Home

Every homeowner deserves the peace of mind of knowing that their property is safe. Fortunately, correctly installing a CCTV camera system and setting up signages can help protect your home from unwanted visitors. 

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