Can Your Security Cameras Identify Which Guests Are Staying At Your Property?

OVISS CCTV IP security cameras can clearly record license plates at your property’s entrance, and capture a clear face shot in your lobby during check in.

Capture License Plates

Clear Face Shots of Guests

Operate With Confidence

Your Hotel Security Cameras Should Be Solving Problems

Can your current cameras

Clearly Record & Playback damage on vehicles that enter your tunnel

Provide HD image to help you recognize people

Read license plates on vehicles

Monitor your parking lots & hallways

If the answer to those is no. It’s time to upgrade your hotel’s security cameras

After All, What Good Are Security Cameras If They Are Not Capturing Meaningful Video.

OVISS CCTV Security Cameras Help Enhance Your Hotel’s Security

Recognize License Plates

With OVISS CCTV your hotel’s security cameras can recognize license plates of each vehicle in your property as they enter your parking. We’ll record the license plates and you can view them any time in playback as needed.


Capturing license plates at your property help you solve crime faster and keep your property secure for your guests. That keeps your guests coming back to stay at your property.

Here’s a real example of a Hotel cameras in action Click on Camera Icons To See Video

Like What You See So Far?
We are just getting started, there are a lot more features

Our Features

Video quality is really important in the best commercial surveillance systems. We optimize our camera systems to the area they are covering to provide you with the best video quality. We understand business owners don’t care much for the specs they want the security cameras to just work. Who cares for a 4k or 1080p if they are not useful. 

Using our mobile app you can remotely view your business security cameras from home or anywhere in the world. We designed our mobile app so that it's intuitive and easy to use. You can even playback and save an incident video clip directly from the Oviss Mobile App.

We really take security seriously. Which is why we equip all of our NVR Systems with a minimum of 2 Hard drives. In case one of the hard drives fails, the second hard drive kicks in and starts to record. But if you only had one hard drive (which most of the systems only come with 1 hard drive) your surveillance system would stop recording. You wouldn’t even know until you checked for recording and that can be days, weeks or months.

Talking about Hard drive failure, soon as that hard drive has an issue our Oviss Cloud Alert Platform will immediately notify our tech support team of the issue. Not just hard drives, if you system stops to work, or if it powers off, your internet stops to work, your cameras stop working. We will know about the issues in a matter of minutes. How’s that for making sure your business surveillance system is always working!

Did you know your ip security cameras can stop recording soon as your internet stops working? That is not the case with Oviss Commercial Grade NVR Systems. Our NVRs are equipped to continue working and keep streaming video from ip cameras even if the internet connection is interrupted.

There is nothing like being able to use your business surveillance system that is intuitive and easy to use. Live view or Playback in a matter of clicks you can find exactly what you are looking for. Need more help or forgot how to use a feature, just give us a call. We are here to help. Our tech support is easy to reach and always helpful. 

We are not kidding, Our NVRs are capable of storing up to 6 months of recording or even more, if you need to. As always we provide a minimum guarantee of 30 days no matter what. Our systems record on Continuous 24/7 and Motion Recording at the same time. So you never have to worry about missing an event because a camera did not pick up a motion. Unlike other systems that only record on motion or continuous recording. With our business security camera system finding an event is quick and easy. Plus our tech support is always here to help.

Easily add or remove access for managers, supervisors, employees or anyone else that you want to authorize to have access to your business surveillance system. Terminated an employee? Just let our support team know and we will quickly block all of their access. We know it's scary when unauthorized people have access to your business surveillance system. Unlike with other systems we make authorized access to your business security cameras a breeze.

Everything! Your Hotel Security Cameras Need & In One.
Surveillance System

Trusted by Thousands of Business Owners Since 2004

Let’s Start you on a worry free path! Here’s our plan to Success

Customize Your Surveillance System

Build Your System or Select from Pre-Customized Packages. Or Simply give us a call and we will help you fully customize your system for you

Schedule an Installation

Receive your equipment fully programmed, and tested before it is shipped to you. Simply Hire an Oviss Certified Contractor or a Local Electrician to complete your wiring and installation. We’ll be here to ensure smooth completion

Success! Your Hotel is Now Secure

We will set-up your mobile app, provide you training, and ensure all cameras are positioned correctly. So you can be confident in protecting your hotel the right way!

You are going to love your new OVISS Surveillance System for your Hotel

You Get A Professional Security Camera System Designed Just For Your Hotel

Security Camera Resolutions :

Full HD 2 MegaPixel 1920 x 1080p (aka 1080p)

Super HD 4 MegaPixel 2560 x 1440 pixels (aka 2k)

Super HD 5 MegaPixel 2560 x 1920 pixels

Ultra HD 8 MegaPixel 3840 x 2160 (aka 4k)

Lifetime Warranty



Fish eye


Mini Dome

PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera)

LPR (License Plate Recognition Camera)

lens types :

Narrow view

Wide view

360 Fish eye view

Night at vision

Color at Night

Black and White at Night

Buy with Confidence We are here to help! Backed by our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee !


People Love Us

90 DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Remember, we offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with your surveillance system. Simply box it all back up in its original boxes and packaging and ship it back to us. We know this will not be needed, but we offer it anyway, so you have peace of mind.

The Best Security Camera System for Your Hotel, Designed Just for You

At we know that you want to be confident in protecting your gas station. In order to do that, you need a commercial grade surveillance system. The problem is you don’t know which cameras to select (you are not a security technician). Which makes you feel confused, and frustrated. We believe your security camera system shouldn’t be a one-size fits all package. After working with thousands of gas stations we understand it can be stressful selecting the right security cameras. So we custom design your gas station’s surveillance system. Which is why thousands of gas station owners have trusted Oviss Since 2004.

Simple As 1-2-3:
1. Customize Your Surveillance System
2. Schedule an Installation
3. Success! Your Hotel is Now Secure

So, click to build your system now or select from a pre- customized system. And in the meantime, download our guide to selecting security cameras for your business. So you can stop feeling confused and instead be confident knowing your grocery store is protected and secure.


Month to Month. This is the best part, Oviss believes in being able to keep its clients, so we don’t try to hide behind a 5 year term agreement. We put you on a simple month to month agreement, so that you have the freedom of cancelling anytime without any cancellation charges. Just give us a 30 day notice in writing. Email your account manager or give us a call to find out who to send a cancellation notice to. See we keep things simple and easy! All we care about is making our clients happy using our services.

Monthly subscription fee provides coverage for the following:

  1. Lifetime Warranty on All OVISS Equipment (weather its purchased by you or under subscription)
  2. Lifetime Tech Support – Anytime you have an issue we are a simple call away
  3. Lifetime On-Site Visits to service any OVISS Equipment without a service (does not cover any physical damage, theft, equipment that has been altered from its original condition, serviced by third party or was removed due to remodel/construction.)
  4. OVISS Equipment (Hardware as a Service) – You will receive an OVISS DVR/NVR w/ included hard drives, POE Switches/Power Box, and OVISS Apps
  5. You will also receive OVISS Security Cameras as part of the Subscription package. 
  6. Any equipment that you purchased and paid an upfront cost for, is owned by you. However Warranty, Tech Support, and On-Site Visits for repairs are fully covered under the subscription plan

No, any equipment provided under the subscription (hardware as a service), that is not charged an upfront cost for, is property of OVISS and will remain the property of OVISS unless it’s purchased and paid for.

However, any equipment that you paid for on the invoice and purchased is yours to keep. Even at the end of the agreement or term, any equipment that is the property of OVISS is not owned by you.

No problem, under the subscription plan we allow you to take up to 12 months of payments and apply them for full credit towards the purchase price. You can change your mind anytime you like, however we can only provide you with full credit for up to 12 months. Any payments made older than 12 months will receive 50% credit towards the purchase price. So you have a full 12 months to decide, or even longer should you wish to change your mind.

Lifetime warranty here at OVISS is defined as providing full coverage with minimal exceptions on the hardware provided by OVISS for up to 15 years from the date of purchase. After the 15 years, if the model has been discontinued or END OF LIFE has been announced we will gladly upgrade the device to the newer model with only a 25% of the cost for purchased products. However, for products under the OVISS subscription plan, we will continue to upgrade equipment as long as you are subscribed to OVISS service without any additional fees or charges

Oviss Tech support provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

  1. Issues related to services not functioning (Mobile app is not working)
  2. Issues related to hardware not working (camera is not working, DVR/NVR stopped working)
  3. Need a recording for an incident to be backed up
  4. Had a change in my internet service provider or modem was changed, Now I can’t see my cameras
  5. General questions of how do I do something
  6. Need additional Training on how to use the system
  7. Need to add or delete credentials (username and password) for an employee
  8. Need to add authorized users to my account
  9. I miss you guys, and just feel like talking, we are here for that as well…
  10. Anything else, you think we can help with simply give us a call, we are here for

Yes, your month to month agreement can be cancelled anytime with a 30 day written notice to OVISS emailed to your account manager, or give a call for further questions. At the time of cancellation, we will request that all equipment belonging to OVISS be returned back to OVISS in working condition. A final bill will be sent for any equipment that is not returned in a timely manner or is missing/damaged. But of course, we don’t want to see you go so please do give us a call and tell us the reason for your cancellation. If there is something we can work out for you, we would appreciate the opportunity to do so. After all we love keeping our clients happy.

Absolutely NOT, we don’t believe in penalizing you, so there are no cancellation charges. We just ask that you return our equipment back to us in a working condition (wear and tear is expected). Should you wish to have an OVISS tech remove the equipment on your behalf we can certainly arrange that for you, an equipment removal fee will apply.

At the time of cancellation, you are free to inquire about purchasing the equipment, its cost to purchase, and cancel the service. We’d be happy to quote you on the purchase price and taking into account the payments you have already made. Otherwise, all equipment that is property of Oviss under the Oviss Subscription must be returned back to Oviss within 15 days from cancellation effective date (cancellation effective date is at the end of your 30 day notice date).

Should you wish to have an OVISS tech remove the equipment on your behalf we’d be happy to assist you. However yes, there will be an equipment removal fee applied at current hourly service rate. Please give us a call to arrange this and ensure safe return of OVISS equipment.

Did You know?

Most business owners don’t know if their security cameras are working or recording. At we provide a fully managed commercial security camera systems with 99% Uptime. To keep you 100% worry Free. Knowing your surveillance system is 100% problem free. Watch the 1 minute video to learn how we do it.