Managed commercial security cameras system

CCTV 101: What is a CCTV Camera?

What is CCTV?

CCTV or a closed-circuit system is a monitoring system that provides indicators to safeguard us and our assets. By keeping the footage private, it protects safety and confidentiality. It is utilized for both localized and broad-area surveillance

For closed-circuit surveillance, the system involves a video camera, display, recording device, cables, and a broadband connection

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How does CCTV work?

For closed-circuit surveillance, the system involves a video camera, display, recording device, video cables, Ethernet cable, and a Power over Ethernet. 

Cameras, lenses, shelters, computer monitors, adaptors, combiners, and recording devices are all part of the surveillance system. To start, an evaluation is undertaken to determine the best position for the cameras for adequate security. It aids in the correct placement of elements such as angles, illumination, coaxial cables or coax cables. The camera’s electronic processor catches the data in the beginning. The impulses are then transformed into an image feed. The lenses of the cameras are chosen based on the necessity and work type of the camera. There are different types of lenses such as a maximum aperture, standard, macro, or close-up lens. It directs light to a processor or optical viewfinder. A poor lens will not be able to produce high-quality pictures.

If the CCTV installation is lacking a suitable enclosure, then the placement is incomplete. The positions of the cameras are chosen based on environmental factors, and the architectural style of the facility (store, business, college, industry, or house). Likewise, the camera attachment is chosen based on the site, i.e., different for a wall, pillar, angle, or a hanging attachment. They also require constant power from a power supply, which needs to be nearby.

The CCTV footage is saved in a recording device. It might be from a  networked video camera that uses cloud storage or a digital video recorder that uses hardware storage devices. The number of cams attached to the recording device should be kept in mind while determining the amount of storage space needed. In the case of a networked video recorder, the signals are acquired over a network rather than a cable. This also applies to IP cameras.

The display, which displays the CCTV footage collected by the video recorder is the next component of the CCTV equipment. Just like the camera’s resolution, the display quality is critical. The video monitor can be an LED or a PC screen. Keep the CCTV footage and frame ratio constant while running a quality check.

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Types of CCTV camera

The two basic categories of CCTV camera technology are wired CCTV cameras and wireless CCTV cameras.

Bullet CCTV cameras

It is among the most popular CCTV cameras for usage in homes, playgrounds, and other outside areas. This is pinned up or attached to the roof. Bullet cameras are water-resistant and can only record footage in a specific power range. They miss functionality like magnification and rotation.

Dome Cameras

Their structure is in the form of a dome. This is noticeable but it does not draw attention to them. Dome cams are widely used in small shops, workplaces, and working environments, among other places. People have a difficult time determining in which direction the camera is pointing. It is one of the most effective cameras for covering vast places.

IP/wireless CCTV cameras

It sends pictures via the Internet. However, this will not affect Internet performance. Also, since there are fewer wires required, a cordless CCTV camera setup is simpler than that of conventional cameras. 

HD cameras

HD cams are ideal for locations that need increased protection. Banks, cash machines, and other locations where private papers are held, for example, require frequent and thorough surveillance. Camera zooms and other similar capabilities on an HD camera system can assist in decreasing criminal activity or nabbing the suspect in the event of a security mishap.

Night Vision CCTV cameras

These are ideal for stop lights or car parks since they enable excellent video capture even in the evening or in low-light conditions. The IR LEDs contribute to the overall illumination equilibrium in the region.

Smart Cameras

This is a camera that is based on AI and can learn from multiple events. It can detect motion. Assess and record the suspicious activity and even send notifications to the user when the event unfolds. These cameras are connected to a hub and can even work through voice commands. These are also wireless and contain multiple features such as night vision and water resistance.

Motion-sensing cameras

These cameras are required in places that are a no-go zone. Cantonment areas of a military facility can be an example. Any movement at all in these places unless authorized is suspicious and dangerous. These cameras do the job of detecting movement and turning on the alarms.

CCTV camera prices

Since the introduction of the very first networked camera in 1996, there has been a move toward Internet protocol surveillance cameras systems. Despite the advantages of embracing IP, analog equipment is still prevalent in some places.

This might be due to a variety of factors, namely extended replacement cycles of surveillance hardware, a proclivity for only doing incomplete surveillance system updates, and IT expertise gaps among distributors. One of the biggest barriers for moving all-digital was the greater cost of IP cameras when compared to the analog versions. 

The change in market mainly occured due to the difference in output quality. When examining camera specs, you’ll find pixel counts differing between your IP and digital cameras, side by side. This is because some cameras report the number of pixels recorded by the sensors, while others describe the ‘efficient’ pixels. A few of the total pixels are utilized to store technological maintenance data and do not contribute to the picture’s “efficient” details.

Among the most often asked questions is, “What should be the resolution of the camera that I purchase?” This definitely depends on a lot of factors. A unique quality may be required for each sensor in your project. It all comes down to just how much information you need, what infrastructure you currently have in hand, and how much money you have to work with. Capturing financial transactions, seeking face detection, or reading license plates are typical applications where investing extra for greater resolution is readily justified.  

It is critical to examine the system on which your cameras will run, as this may limit your quality possibilities.

In surveillance technology, there will be several cams with varying qualities, but only one tape recorder. As a result, be certain that the video equipment you select has at least the resolution capabilities of your best camera. Additionally, ensure that it has adequate disk space capacity to capture all of your cams for a reasonable amount of time. When something occurs and you need to watch the video, the picture quality is critical.When you require zooming of the CCTV footage then the resolution in which it was captured plays an important role. Set each DVR circuit independently to capture video at the maximum resolution that corresponds to each camera.

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Advantages of a CCTV camera

·    Detecting motion:

Among the most helpful aspects of contemporary security technology is on-demand filming. It is incredibly useful in seldom-visited locations, wherein constant filming during the day will supply you with hundreds of hours of material of a doorway and perhaps thirty minutes of individuals arriving and departing.

Video cameras that enable motion sensors allow users to arrange their cameras to begin recording just when movement is detected inside its field of view. The only video containing important data will be saved in this manner. This saves a lot of money for storing, archiving, and preservation while also making it easier to search and recover data as needed.

·    Infra-red digital technology:

IR Security cameras have infra-red LEDs that may be used to highlight things in their range of vision. This enables CCTV systems to “see” at nighttime as well. Such cameras are frequently advertised as “24/7 CCTV cameras”. These Cameras find the amount of light in the environment and switch the IR LEDs on and off as required.

Infrared Cameras employ inexpensive, widely accessible parts, thus infrared features do not necessarily add much to the cost of your camera. Nevertheless, you should avoid the ones which frequently have inadequate illuminance levels or cannot change the lighting levels automatically, resulting in poking.

·    Two-Way Audio

Two-way sound is most helpful in dynamic security systems when the entrance to a closed area must be validated or managed by an operator at all times. It is, nevertheless, beneficial in other instances as well.

 For example, it enables human workers to instantly learn about and comprehend login attempts and makes it much easier to distinguish between a benign and malicious attempt to get in. It is also an excellent solution for a distinct speaker system, enhancing efficiency and simplifying maintenance.

·    Facial Recognition technology

Even people, for instance, will occasionally misidentify a stranger as a friend. Though computers get things correct majority of the time, they will also equally trigger positive and negative alarms.

At the moment, CCTV face detection is not at the point where it can be relied upon completely. It can make your manager’s job much simpler, but it cannot be considered as a replacement.

Best CCTV camera brands

Here is the list of the most popular CCTV camera brands.

Ovisscctv is a provider of commercial-grade security cameras and recording devices. They also specialize in managed CCTV surveillance – a model where businesses don’t have to break their heads managing security cameras all by themselves. 

  • Hikvision

Hikvision is the world’s most popular CCTV brand, offering a full spectrum of comprehensive security solutions.

  • Dahua

Dahua is another Chinese company that supplies high-tech surveillance camera systems and services to a variety of sectors, including the state, construction, retail, key infrastructure, and security.

  • Axis

Axis Telecommunication is a Swedish firm that was founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of the Canon group. Counted as one of the world’s top producers of security products, particularly CCTV cameras, and also has a global reach.

  • Hanwha Techwin

Hanwha Techwin was founded in 1977 and is one of the leaders of the world in surveillance cameras. They produce Cctvs in South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam, with the Seoul market accounting for the majority of their revenue.

  • IDIS

IDIS, headquartered in South Korea, is a worldwide security business that produces and sells a wide range of surveillance cameras products for corporate and government sectors.

  • Honeywell

Honeywell is a surveillance business that was formed in 1906 and is one of the leading CCTV producers in the United States.

It is a leading company in surveillance cameras, with big brands all around the world adopting its services.

All of their goods are subjected to rigorous testing and created in world-class manufacturing plants as part of their dedication to excellent quality.

Managed Commercial Surveillance System

This system can be defined as follows – A surveillance system that is managed by a company such that they install, update and manage all of your surveillance equipment in a managed commercial surveillance system. Companies that provide this service can map the environment of your establishment and bring out the best places to install the system at. They are then deemed responsible for the surveillance as well as the surveillance footage. 

They are known to only provide services to businesses that require a network of surveillance equipment. These companies usually run on a contract basis which is renewed from time to time.  

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