Managed commercial security cameras system

How to remotely view security cameras using the internet?

CCTV cameras have become quite essential if you own a property these days. It could be your house, your office, or any other place that you own or care about. Thanks to these devices, we have access to a 24-hour surveillance service. Well, most cameras record the happenings all day long no matter what happens. If you detect something suspicious, you can go back to the CCTV footage and scrim through it to clear your doubts. Another range of smart cameras only record when there is movement. These are smart cameras and are internet-enabled. They can be operated from anywhere you are and accessed at any point in time.

These devices can be installed easily and are low maintenance. Most of them run on rechargeable batteries. They can also be connected to hubs and controlled along with other smart devices in your home. You can connect them to your smartphone through the internet and set them to send you a notification in case of suspicious activities. Hence, you can rest assured that a trustworthy and reliable partner has your back.

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How to remotely view security cameras using the internet?

How do you install smart security cameras?

You’ve finally invested in a surveillance camera setup, and it’s time to put it in place. We can help you out if you’re feeling a little confused. This step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a surveillance camera will make the procedure smooth for you.

Begin by creating a security questionnaire and assessing your present security situation. The goal of this procedure is to discover critical entry points and assess your security weaknesses. Use this data to decide the size and kind of security system that will best meet your requirements. Another important consideration to make during the preparation stage is to determine what sort of surveillance camera you require.

  • Background light and lens flare should be avoided. Illuminance happens when a strong light leaks through the video, giving an extremely pale, nearly white picture.
  • Optic flare can be caused by reflections from natural or artificial sources, resulting in rings or spots on your surveillance film.
  • Make sure the devices are in a difficult-to-reach location. It won’t be wise to let an intruder have an easy reach to the surveillance device since they could simply break or disable it.
  • The farther away the camera is from your network, the harder it is to acquire a good connection. As a result, at every camera site, verify your wireless signal. If your Wi-Fi connection is poor or fading out, you may use a Wi-Fi extension or try these Wi-Fi signal optimization suggestions.

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How to use a camera remotely using the internet?

Method 1

A company’s application is the quickest and most efficient method to remotely monitor surveillance cameras via the internet. Because the app is created specifically for surveillance cameras by the makers, you won’t have to be anxious about incompatibility concerns while viewing surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world.

In addition, the company will introduce innovative software updates regularly to enable more complex capabilities. You can closely check your dear ones and see your surveillance cameras from everywhere via the web owing to smart surveillance technologies.

  • On your smartphone or PC, download the application that is created for the surveillance camera you bought.
  • Open the application and connect your surveillance camera equipment by following the mentioned instructions.
  • From the application, select the camera you would like to see and use it via the internet when you are away from home.
  • Make sure that the surveillance camera is also connected to the Wi-Fi and is internet enabled.

The nicest part about this approach is that your entire family can see your surveillance camera on the web. You may check in on your family members whenever you choose if you have the security camera application installed and a stable internet connection.

This is by far the simplest technique for seeing your cameras using the internet. Even though mobile security applications have security flaws, your surveillance brand can still use encrypted communication software to protect your privacy. 

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Method 2

  • The first step to set up your security camera on your browser is to find out the surveillance device’s IP address. This is generally available on the setup page of the device.
  • Use the DDNS solution to set-up your surveillance camera on the net for wireless control if you want a simple method to verify the Wi-Fi access point’s WAN IP address anytime you visit your surveillance devices on the internet. 
  • The major advantage of DDNS is that it provides a particular domain name to your device, allowing you to view your video surveillance from wherever you want via the internet without having to remember your IP address.

Conventional CCTV Cameras vs Smart CCTV cameras

There is a ton of difference between the two and the latter takes the win. These are things that make Smart surveillance cameras better than conventional ones.

Smart Surveillance CamerasTraditional CCTV cameras
They can be viewed and controlled from anywhere through the internet.They need to have a set control room.
They have motion detection technologyThey cannot detect suspicious elements
You will be alerted when something is wrongYou will only get to know what’s wrong when you reach the place.
Saves only the required footage with amazing clarity.Stores an entire day of footage in low and pixelated quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see my security cameras on my phone?

Once you’ve confirmed that your surveillance devices can be connected to your smartphone, there are only 4 steps to enjoying using your surveillance on the move. Streaming surveillance on smartphones is now extremely easy to set up. You can connect a surveillance camera to your smartphone by doing as little as scanning a QA code. Here’s how to link your surveillance cameras to your smartphone, irrespective of the OS you use.

First, install the security camera’s mobile app on your smartphone. Then start the application and add your devices. Connect your cameras to your Wi-fi router. Enjoy live streaming of your surveillance on your phone by clicking on the device name in the app.

How can I connect my CCTV camera to my phone without the internet?

Here’s what to do to link your surveillance cameras to a smartphone if you possess an NVR system and want to connect to your camera without your WIFI. This approach is simple; nevertheless, verify your chosen app’s instructions for any extra actions that could be necessary. Buy a SIM card that is appropriate for your phone. The SIM card should be inserted into the surveillance camera. Install a monitoring system. Incorporate cameras installed into the app. Lastly, to view a security camera, choose it.

How do wireless security cameras get power?

Wireless cameras are not connected to a power port as suggested by their name. They either have a set of removable or non-removable batteries. These batteries are rechargeable in most brands. Nevertheless, there are smart surveillance camera brands that utilize non-rechargeable batteries. This simply means that you will need to replace the batteries every now and then.

If there are rechargeable ones, then you will either need to remove the batteries and charge them or take the camera as a whole and put it on charge. The surveillance cameras often have a long-lasting battery. This implies that you will not need to charge them too often.

Will Wireless Cameras conflict with my Wi-Fi Router’s signal?

Surveillance cameras will not interfere with the operation of a Wi-fi connection. When there is a clash between the Wi-Fi signal and the CCTV Camera, it could affect the speed of the Wi-Fi connection, the range of the Wi-Fi router, and even the frame rate of the recorded footage. In many situations, this will probably be undetectable.

Transmission conflicts between surveillance cameras and Wi-Fi routers will not result in the loss of any data transferred from your access point or the alteration of the setting page.


Security cameras have been a boon ever since their inception. They provide you with peace of mind. Smart cameras have only increased this industry in value. Now you can watch your surveillance footage from anywhere, receive notifications of any suspicious activity, record only when needed, and not worry about heavy maintenance costs. We suggest everyone have a surveillance camera to ensure their safety. Managed surveillance only makes things better and easier for you.

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