Affordable Cloud Storage For Your Security Cameras

Up to 1 Year of cloud recording, starting at just $4.99/month

Safe & Secure

Easily Share Clips

Mobile App Access

Don’t just rely on your on-site storage

You will lose all of your recording if:

Hard Drives Fail

DVR is Damaged

Recording is Deleted

DVR is Stolen

The surveillance system is worthless if there is no recording. You need OVISS CLOUD BACKUP!

Be worry free with real-time, cloud-based recording storage Runs on the best cloud platform Amazon AWS

Continue to record on your DVR or NVR without interruptions

Cloud storage for all cameras or just a few. Choice is yours

Need longer storage on some cameras then others? No Problem

Need longer storage on some cameras then others? No Problem

Access recordings anytime from OVISS CLOUD BACKUP Mobile app

Easily save and share video clips with one touch of a button

Your business has an insurance policy!
Your security recordings should to!!!

Did You know?

Most business owners don’t know if their security cameras are working or recording. At we provide a fully managed commercial security camera systems with 99% Uptime. To keep you 100% worry Free. Knowing your surveillance system is 100% problem free. Watch the 1 minute video to learn how we do it.

Getting started is easy

Select a Plan

customize a plan for your needs, upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime. There are no-contracts. it’s just month to month. Buy with confidence

Program, Test and Ship

Well program a small cloud gateway device and ship it to your business, all of you have to do is plug in power and connect to an internet cable.

Cloud Storage Ready!

Now you can access all of your recordings of the selected cameras from the OVISS Cloud Backup mobile app. Its simple to use, and easy to share a clip. You can choose to keep recordings from 7 days or up to 1 year.

It’s like have an insurance policy for your security camera recordings So what are you waiting for?


Get 2 months free and 50% off till January 2021

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Pro Tip: Not all of your security cameras may require cloud backup storage of recordings. Start with your most main security cameras, you can always add on more at anytime.

90 DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Remember, we offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with your surveillance system. Simply box it all back up in its original boxes and packaging and ship it back to us. We know this will not be needed, but we offer it anyway, so you have peace of mind.

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Your Security System Needs a Backup, Meet Oviss Cloud Backup. The Off-Site Affordable Cloud Storage for Security Cameras.

Security cameras play an important role on a daily basis to protect a business from liabilities, theft, crime and dishonest employees. Making sure your security cameras are always recording is a priority that can’t be ignored. Unfortunately many things can still go wrong from failure hard drives to someone purposely or accidentally disabling recording or entirely deleting the hard drive of all evidence.

There are many stories when in a robbery the security camera system was damaged or stolen, and viewing the recording was no longer possible. In these scenarios even the most robust surveillance system fail to be of any use. That’s why we developed OVISS CLOUD BACKUP the off-site affordable cloud storage system which allows you to access all of your cloud recordings through a mobile app.

app. Now you can be worry free knowing your security cameras have a backup that is safe, secure, protected and it’s on the cloud. So if a dvr is damaged, stolen, or if recording is deleted, hard drives failed, your recording will be protected and available to view. Simply access it using the OVISS CLOUD BACKUP mobile app and download any clip with touch of a button. Share a video with anyone in 2 simple steps. It’s that easy