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5 Best Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Business

Security cameras are an increasingly important part of business operations. With the rise of crime rates, businesses need to be able to protect themselves and their employees. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are a great way to do this. They provide an extra layer of protection against theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities. 

They also help to deter potential criminals from targeting your business in the first place. How you angle the camera should also be taken into consideration. No matter how technologically advanced your system is, putting it in the wrong location will just be a waste of money. 

Camera placement is a delicate balance between visibility and privacy. It’s important to place cameras in areas that are visible enough to capture activity but in places wherein they intrude on the privacy of people in the area. 

In addition, cameras should be placed in locations that are out of reach of potential vandals and thieves. So where do you put the cameras to achieve this balance?

Check Out Register

CCTV cameras near check-out locations are a great way to deter shoplifting and dishonest employees. Ensure that the cameras are correctly positioned – no more than seven feet from the ground – so that the customers’ faces can be clearly seen. This will help with identifying any perpetrators.

Outside Vicinity

The assets of a business are obviously stored inside its premises. However, a lot of criminal activity takes place outside of the building. Installing external security cameras would not only safeguard the vehicles parked in the lot, but they could also record license plate numbers and help law enforcement recover stolen goods.

 Additionally, these cameras could provide a sense of safety to the employees who arrive late at night to the otherwise dark lot.


To protect your warehouse and its valuable inventory, installing remote surveillance cameras inside and outside the building is important. Keeping the warehouse well-lit is also essential, allowing the cameras to capture footage with better clarity. 

With these measures in place, you can deter potential theft and monitor activity when you are not on-site.

Reception Area

In the business world, having a security camera in the reception area is often necessary. Modern technology has made it possible to conceal cameras in décor items like frames, smoke detectors, sprinklers, clocks, and more. However, be sure to check your local laws before implementing a hidden camera, as this could have legal implications.

Back Door Spots

Remote surveillance cameras can be useful in preventing crime, even in places that aren’t often visited. Placing cameras in areas such as dumpsters can help to deter thieves from using those areas to store stolen goods. By having cameras present, criminals are less likely to risk being caught in the act.

Entrance and Exit Areas

Highlighting security cameras at the building’s entrances and exits will allow us to keep an eye on who is coming in and out. The cameras will be able to take a clear picture of anyone entering or leaving, which could deter anyone considering criminal activity. 

To ensure the camera captures a full face, it should be placed near an eye-catching object, such as a monitor or sign. When people turn to look at it, the camera will be able to take a clear picture.

Trust the System

CCTV camera placement is an integral part of any security system. By taking the time to consider where to place a security camera carefully, you can help to ensure that it is effective and that any evidence it records can be used if necessary.

Relying on the security of your assets to a small piece of plastic requires a lot of trust in the computer. But are you sure that it works all the time? Most entrepreneurs don’t know if their security cameras are working or recording. 

At OVISS CCTV, we provide fully managed commercial security camera systems to ease your worries. We’ll guide you through a step-by-step process to design a security camera system just for your business. Our lifetime warranty provides complete coverage protection on all OVISS Camera Systems. If you want to protect your business, schedule a demo call with us now!