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Installing one type of cameras in all areas of your restaurant is like serving one type of dish to all of your customers.

Here’s an example of just comparing 2 differences (Lens Type and Audio)

Front Door Security Camera

Function: Capture Face Shots, Narrow View (4.0mm Lens), No Audio

Dining Room Security Cameras

Function: Observe Overall View, Wide View (2.8mm Lens), No Audio

Parking Lot Security Camera

Function: Observe Parking, Wide View 2.8mm lens, No Audio

POS Security Camera

Function: See Cashier Till, Narrow View (4.0mm Lens) with Audio

After all, what good are security cameras if they are not capturing meaningful video.

Just like you customize every order for your customers,
We customize our security camera system for your restaurant.

Resolution: 4mp. 5mp. 8mp (aka 4k) (show resolution images overlaid of 10809, 4MP, 5MP AND 8MP)

Lens Types: Narrow View, Wide View, 360 Fisheye View (show images of lens types)

Camera Housing Style: Dome, Turret, Fisheye, Bullet, Mini Dome (show pics of

Night Vision: Color at Night, Black and White at Night (Show 2 Camera images overlaid over each other) B/W and Color (both at night time)

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Customize Your Surveillance System

Build Your System or Select from Pre-Customized Packages. Or Simply give us a call and we will help you fully customize your system for you.

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Receive your equipment fully programmed, and tested before it is shipped to you. Simply Hire an Oviss Certified Contractor or a Local Electrician to complete your wiring and installation. We’ll be here to ensure smooth completion

Success! Your Restaurant is Now Secure

We will set-up your mobile app, provide you training, and ensure all cameras are positioned correctly. So you can be confident in protecting your restaurant the right way!


What Clients Says?

90 DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Remember, we offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not happy with your surveillance system. Simply box it all back up in its original boxes and packaging and ship it back to us. We know this will not be needed, but we offer it anyway, so you have peace of mind.

Are you ready to take your security company to the NEXT LEVEL?

At we know that you want to be confident in protecting your restaurant. In order to do that, you need a commercial grade surveillance system. The problem is you don’t know which cameras to select (you are not a security technician). Which makes you feel confused, and frustrated. We believe your security camera system shouldn’t be a one-size fits all package. After working with thousands of restaurants we understand it can be stressful selecting the right security cameras. So we custom design your restaurant’s surveillance system. Which is why thousands of restaurant owners have trusted Oviss Since 2004.

Simple As 1-2-3:
1. Customize Your Surveillance System
2. Schedule an Installation
3. Success! Your Restaurant is Now Secure

So, click to build your system now or select from a pre- customized system. And in the meantime, download our guide to selecting security cameras for your business. So you can stop feeling confused and instead be confident knowing your restaurant is protected and secure.

Here are the locations we recommend for a fast food restaurant with drive thru lanes and dine-in room. The below listed camera locations are suggested and recommended for complete coverage of the restaurant. You may decrease or increase the number of cameras in the areas suggested below based on your needs.